As we all know, the rise of Android is far from over. More and more innovative technology is being thought of daily.

Android is highly considering bring back the flip phone, which gained popularity in the early 2000's. They are, however, adding a little "spice" that will make iPhone developers slam their heads against the wall repetitively for not coming up with it first.

Caution: The phone have, or are about to see, may cause an incredible feeling inside. You have been warned. 

Android Flip Phone

With the addition of three display capable screens, the hype of this phone is tremendous. Although it isn't the first time hearing about a multiple touch screen phone (note the Kyocera Echo), it will certainly provide a ton of bragging rights worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised if people lost some friends over this phone. All's it needs is the speed of the new Tegra-3 processors, and you won't need a laptop anymore.

The Flip Android phone is completely versatile. You can have one screen for apps and widgets, while the other two act as a bigger screen for playing games or watching videos. You have it stand up so you don't have to hold it while watching videos as well. It's shape allows it to stand up by itself (while in a triangle). Or you could use two of the screens separately for improved multitasking. Whatever you want to do, you can.
Unfortunately, due to it being a concept, it can't be analyzed completely with specifications and such, but it's hype will inevitably not be a disappointment. You can count on this being the phone of the century, in competition with giants such as Verizon's HTC Rezound.

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