This concept is unlike any other seen physically. This is the phone you see burly lumberjack with while on the job. Mechanics or construction workers. The phone might as well be a transformer in disguise. The HTC H1 concept was made by an Iranian named Saeid Khajevand, and it is far from generic.

 The Android smart phone, HTC H1 is what you would call modest. It doesn't need the latest and greatest technology that would cook you breakfast in the morning. It does, however, fit the needs of the masses. It's got a rear facing 12MP camera and a front facing VGA camera. It has front and side speakers, rivaling the HTC Rezound in musical performance. Also note that this will  be one of the

first, if not the first, phones with a micro SD slot that isn't covered by a battery or SIM cover.

The two buttons under the display are interchangeable (Notice the two pictures have different buttons). You are able to change them to any combination of the common under-display buttons (home, menu, back, search). That allows a lot of customization without rooting your phone!

On a physical analysis, the ambitious and in-your-face styling of the metallic "x" on the back with the HTC logo and rear camera is breathtaking. If this concept had any changes, it would be to make it thinner (it's 12mm). I personally like the thickness, I just would prefer it if the outer layer was detachable, so I could fit it in my pocket easier and have the outer layer in the other one.

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